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Disclaimer and Risk Warning

Risk Warning

Spread betting involves substantial risk of financial loss, can be very volatile and prices may move rapidly against you. Please keep in mind that spread bets are geared (leveraged) transactions, which means that you deposit a fraction of the full value of the deal, allowing the possibility of gains or losses to quickly exceed your initial deposit. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose (!) as you may lose more than your original deposit and be required to make further payments.

Spread betting should only be considered by experienced investors who understand the risks and nature of the product. Spread betting on the live account may not be suitable for everyone, so make sure that you fully understand the risks involved. Please seek independent advice if you are unsure whether spread betting is suitable for you.

A Word of Warning

During my years in this business, I have witnessed dozens, perhaps hundreds of men (most men, I’m afraid – women have more sense!) lose big money which they could not afford. I’m talking about six months’ rent money, this week’s food money, the mortgage, the car payments..etc I have also seen several men (one or two were good friends) lose everything they owned – house, car, wife and kids – due to gambling. Like all bad gamblers, they were betting unscientifically on ‘hunches’, ‘feelings’ and so on. They ‘just knew’ that this time their number would come up. They even borrowed money to gamble – the NUMBER ONE sin in spread betting or gambling. They are still gambling with bits and pieces of borrowed money, and their social security cheque; hoping to ‘make it all back and more’. This is a disease and if you think you have an addictive personality, be careful about getting into spread betting. It can be very addictive, particularly if you win a few times. I’m not saying anything more than ‘watch out’. Better people than you have succumbed to the evil additive and compulsive gambling – it can cost you everything.

The best guard against this is a realistic view of life – not a belief that there is a magical or mystical force at work, brining you money. This is science, linked with randomness (called ‘luck’). There are no mysterious forced at work here, and praying will not help your spread betting one tiny bit! The second home truth is this. If you speculate for long enough you will eventually have a losing streak – a time when nothing seems to work and all your bets go against you. A professionals knows this and even expects it. He will sail straight through a losing streak because he has budgeted for it with careful money management knowing it would come along. He is playing a statistics game. Long-term if he has a winning system he will end up ahead. This is the only way you can make money through spread betting.

Information Contained Within

We strive to be as ACCURATE as possible. However, we do NOT warrant that trading product and example descriptions or other content of this website is ACCURATE, COMPLETE, RELIABLE, CURRENT, or ERROR-FREE. For this reason, we reserve the right to CORRECT ANY INCORRECT information. The publisher and author of this trading guide specifically disclaims any liability, loss or risk incurred as a consequence of the use or misuse, either directly or indirectly, of any information or advice presented in this document.


All recommendations and suggestions published on the website are intended for general interest only and should not be construed as personal investment advice or as a recommendation to invest, trade, and/or speculate in the markets. We cannot give direct advice to individual readers on whether to buy or sell a company due to strict financial regulations.

The purpose of this online spread betting guide is to provide a balanced and informative view of speculating with financial instruments via financial spread betting. The journal is for educational purposes only. The author and his agents do not recommend particular stocks, bonds, options, derivatives, commodities or securities of any kind. If particular stocks, commodities or indices are mentioned in the workbook it is for illustrative and educational purposes only.

Trading and investing involves high levels of risk. The authors may from time to time make statements about certain speculative products and trading strategies, but it is not to be considered as investment advice. The site is primarily intended as a reference for traders and a presentation of trading ideas. Any opinions and recommendations on www.iros2014.org are given in good faith, but without legal responsibility and may be subject to change without notice.

Any investments, trades, and/or speculations made in light of the ideas or opinions or implied herein, are committed at your own risk, financial or otherwise. Use only capital that you can afford to lose.

The rule is: Never, ever speculate with money which you cannot afford to comfortably lose. You’ve heard it a thousand times, now I’m asking you to BELIEVE IT. This is the golden rule of speculation and gambling for that matter!

If you do not agree to our Terms Of Use or this Disclaimer then you should not access this website.

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