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www.iros2014.org Call for Writers

We are looking for financial writers to contribute on www.iros2014.org. We are willing to pay good money for great content so if you think you have what it takes, please contact us.

Mainly we are looking for experienced traders with a keen interest in spread betting who are willing to dedicate some of their time to share strategies and document their experience on the stock market. We are also looking for writers who are able to research and write up on a number of subjects that we will provide you with.

Submit your article and interest by sending it to trader [AT] iros2014.org, providing author’s name and biography.


Our own personal experience of the spread betting industry tells us that there is very limited comparative information out there about creating an account with a particular provider. Although personal client experiences are useful, these don’t necessarily guide you through the small print to unravel the real costs of trading beyond the spread size; such as initial margin requirements, daily financing fees, administrative fees and charges and so on.

For this reason we have decided to Compare Spread Betting Providers offerings; assessing a number of different criteria to form assessments on the key areas of: cost of trading, trading platforms and administration. Our intention is to provide comprehensive information to enable our readers to make a more reasoned choice as to where to place their bets.

We have also launched a spread betting community. It is still early days but the Community is designed to be a place where traders can post and share their own thoughts about their trading experience. We also welcome spread betting providers’ analysts to contribute with original strategic content. Imagine you’re a trader and instead of posting your thoughts on some isolated blogging address you post them in our Community section where your posts will actually be read by real traders.

Interviews and Features

To request an interview or if you would like to be interviewed and have your name mentioned please contact us at trader [AT] iros2014.org

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At IROS 2014, we’re passionate about online casinos, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology.

The latter is here to stay. Its disrupting potential has already gripped online gambling. However, some still view crypto casinos as a niche market reserved for blockchain enthusiasts.

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